It has been awhile

So again, I am full of excuses. Life has been really busy as I am finishing up school and planning a wedding.

I did finished the nosecone for the Type II rocket, I will also post a write up for how I did the shock cord attachment. Something not a lot of people are using.

I plan on working on the AV Bay on Friday as I finally have a day off with no work and school! Plus my box of supplies from McMaster-Carr is ariving today with more G10/Fr4. So hopefully  I will have the sled cutout and all the holes drilled. Then the only thing left is the vent holes and everything else for the rocket before paint.

Then Paint and more surprises. My wedding is June 7th I am hoping to finish it before then if I can juts sit down and have more then 20 minutes to do work it should be finished.

Pics to come!

Mysterious Tweet

I follow Elon Musk on Twitter to try to get as many updates about the Falcon platform as possible. The other day this was tweeted:


Anyone have any idea what this may be?

SpaceX Falcon 9 and new configuration


As you can see in this picture, SpaceX tested its reusable ignition system, with the Merlin 1d engine’s in their new configuration.

Busy, Busy, Busy

So as this semester ends, I have been really busy with homework and trying to finish this semester out strong.

There has been no progress with Type II, but soon I will get everything going again. Since I have already built the Blackhawk and already know the layout and design of the rocket. I will pretty much be me recreating it and perfecting things I did not last time.

I will be running two Raven 3’s on board, one will be for deployment and the other will be for data gathering only. I want to test my first Raven that got damaged to see if it records similar data to the new Raven. It should not be an issue with room, as my last design had plenty of room within the AV Bay.

Hopefully I can turn this half way was useless Raven into a data collector.  I am also trying to redesign how I want to hook up the charges to the Raven, last time I was planning on hooking them directly to the Raven then enclosing the bulkplates, this process was very difficult and dangerous as I had one charge blow. So I am thinking of just leading wires from the Raven through the bulkplates. Then closing the bulkplate, then using the ol’ twist and tape method. I might even try to find some small wire nuts.

Any thoughts?


Again sorry for the delay in posts, I have been working extra time at work.

But here is the video the Space X and their Grasshopper demo vehicle. This is actually really spectacular.

Successful Antares Launch


Well Orbital finally did it, they successfully reached orbit and the fairing on their payload separated unlike their last attempt.



L1 and L2 Plans.

With my last L1 attempt failed.

I was thinking today that I need to make plans for L1 and L2. Right now I plan on using the Type II platform, with my L1 I am thinking of using the H120. This should bring the rocket to around 3600-3700 feet. About the limit I want to go on the current field I fly.

Level two is when it gets interesting, I am thinking towards the end of 2014 I will fly it on a J425 or the J354. The way I have it built currently, it can only take up to 6 grain cases. Plus with my L2 I wanted to break the 10,000 foot mark.

That is a huge jump from 3000-4000 feet all the way to 10,000. But I plan on running I’s and J’s in my Spitfire, that I will revamp with tracking and altimeters. To practice for my L2 attempt. This will be one huge endeavor, but I know I can do it.

After all I am trying dual deploy, on a minimum diameter rocket, for my L1. So why not?

Type II

In between homework, I decided to do some work on the Type II rocket. I sanded down the transition from the upper section to the lower section, this can be seen in the first picture. I then began work on the retention system for the shock cord in the nosecone, that is not pictured just yet, as I am going to document all the steps for anyone else that is interested in that design.


Wallops Launch

Im excited to see if Orbital can perform well. I will be trying to watch it live on my lunch break.

Update:  The launch was scrubbed due to the umbilical reaching the second stage unlatched prematurely.

Our Closest Satellite

As you can tell there is a trend in my posts, a lot of long videos to watch while working. This is a really great documentary, it is pretty long but really inspiring.

I am hoping to finally work on my rebuild designated Type II rocket this week, as my school work has diminshed. So hopefully I can start sanding and dry fitting some parts together. I plan on working on the transition from the upper section to the lower section. Also I will fully document the shock cord attachment for the nosecone, this idea that can be seen in the Blackhawk is rather simple but I do believe I am the pioneer of that method. Hopefully this method will be used in future minimum diameter builds not by me, but by others also.