CTI I180

This was the maiden flight of Fletch and it did not work as planned but I was able to recover the rocket. I was also flying this vehicle for another attempt for a Level 1 certification.

Flight preparation was very easy and quite enjoyable with Fletch. As I designed and built it for easy flights, I was happy to see that my ideas did work out as planned.

I was lucky enough to use Juan’s newest tower and I also enlisted some help from Juan. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me Juan! You are a true friend.

My heart was pounding as the countdown reached 1, but the rocket took off and weather cocked slightly. However after burnout the rocket drag separated pulling out the parachute, which brought the rocket gently back to earth.

I learned a lesson that day and am grateful for that. I now know how tight a coupler should be and how essential shear pins are.

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