After the lawndart of my Blackhack 38mm, I decided to rebuild it with a few changes in the recovery and design of the AV-Bay.

I had to replace the upper section, coupler and nosecone. This process was very easy but at the same time difficult as I decided to purchase from Rocketry Warehouse and the OD of the tubing did not fit well with the previous tubing.

The AV-Bay contains two Raven 3’s. One is used for deployment and the other is for data gathering as it experienced a high G-Force landing nose first. Most importantly I am using a Featherweight screw switch I feel this will help me power on my electronics with ease unlike my last flight. Which can be found under the Black Hawk H143 flight report.

This rocket will be the platform for my level one launch and I have even thought of using it for my level two launch.

I plan on flying a H120 motor to match the colour of the rocket. Then for level two if I decide to use this rocket it will fly on the smallest Motor possible to keep it around 10,000 feet.

This rocket being my first high powered rocket has experienced some strange modifications and really is not the best rocket out there. But it will be a strong platform to fly to extreme altitudes.

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