BlackHawk 38

This is the second flight vehicle I built. I wanted to step up the challenging aspect, so I decided to build a minimum diameter dual deploy rocket for my TRA Level one attempt.

I kept everything on this rocket pretty much stock, I did change up the shock cord retention on the nosecone and inside the lower half of the tube. With the coupler inside the lower half I used two bulk heads and an eye bolt. With the nosecone I friction fitted a 1/8″ cold rolled steel peg into the shoulder of the nosecone to attach the shockcord.

The fin fillets ended up being a decent job, it had slight bumps and divets. Nothing to bad, so I left them be as I clear coated the rocket.

This rocket was designed to be my workhorse, but then I realized the waivers within Arizona will not allow this rocket to be flown to its fullest potential. So I then was planning on using this as my rocket that I will bring to national events, its small in size and can be flown with impressive motors.


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