EggFinder LCD Case

This 3D printed case is intended to be used with the EggFinder LCD Kit.  It is a very robust, simple case that provides everything you need for future upgrades such as the GPS Module and Bluetooth addition. Please review the information and gallery.

When you purchase this 3D printed case you will received the following items:

  • The Handle, Lid, Housing, and Belt Clip
  • A Power and Momentary Switch.
  • Screws, Nut’s, and Other Various Hardware


Version 2.0 Changelog:

  • Printed using PLA+, higher print temperature, stronger material over PLA.
  • Increased wall size, to increase strength.
  • Handle has a 30% increase in volume, to allow for a bigger battery.
  • One piece handle.
  • Tighter tolerances for better weather sealing.
  • Attachment points for the GPS and Bluetooth accessories.
  • Assembly uses screws and nuts instead of threading into plastic feet.