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Busy, Busy, Busy

So as this semester ends, I have been really busy with homework and trying to finish this semester out strong.

There has been no progress with Type II, but soon I will get everything going again. Since I have already built the Blackhawk and already know the layout and design of the rocket. I will pretty much be me recreating it and perfecting things I did not last time.

I will be running two Raven 3’s on board, one will be for deployment and the other will be for data gathering only. I want to test my first Raven that got damaged to see if it records similar data to the new Raven. It should not be an issue with room, as my last design had plenty of room within the AV Bay.

Hopefully I can turn this half way was useless Raven into a data collector.  I am also trying to redesign how I want to hook up the charges to the Raven, last time I was planning on hooking them directly to the Raven then enclosing the bulkplates, this process was very difficult and dangerous as I had one charge blow. So I am thinking of just leading wires from the Raven through the bulkplates. Then closing the bulkplate, then using the ol’ twist and tape method. I might even try to find some small wire nuts.

Any thoughts?

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