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It has been awhile

So again, I am full of excuses. Life has been really busy as I am finishing up school and planning a wedding.

I did finished the nosecone for the Type II rocket, I will also post a write up for how I did the shock cord attachment. Something not a lot of people are using.

I plan on working on the AV Bay on Friday as I finally have a day off with no work and school! Plus my box of supplies from McMaster-Carr is ariving today with more G10/Fr4. So hopefully  I will have the sled cutout and all the holes drilled. Then the only thing left is the vent holes and everything else for the rocket before paint.

Then Paint and more surprises. My wedding is June 7th I am hoping to finish it before then if I can juts sit down and have more then 20 minutes to do work it should be finished.

Pics to come!

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