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Type II

Will be the rebuild for my Blackhawk, it will have some modifications in the upper body tube to lengthen it and make it easier to pack.


In Regards to My Post from Yesterday

With discussion that took place at The Rocketry Forum


It seems it could from the heating of the clear coat due to high velocities, or as mentioned within the forum.

When the rocket was entering the ground at a really high velocity, it began to be heated by friction which then made the clear coat absorb the dirt.

More details to come.

Non-Laminar Airflow

This topic is discussed a lot in regards to body transitions with vent holes for altimeters.

Then I so happened upon this event during a flight that did not end in the best of ways. Just to give a little background it was about 70 degrees F outside, and my rocket was finished with 3-4 coats of clear coat. The rocket was the Blackhawk 38.

So my rocket was only waiting on the pad for a brief 5 minutes. While it was sitting outside for a good hour. But the rocket was not hot to the touch. It was a little breezy so I was not worried about my altimeter over heating.

The time came to launch and as you can read in the report the rocket did end up lawndarting, and could not receover any data. But the simulations with Open Rocket and RasAero had a rough peak velocity of 380MPH. So I can imagine as the rocket is traveling up and back down the outside skin of clear coat got soft, it did not neccesarily remove it but just softened it.

The nosecone was attached to the upper section with 2 Nylon Sheer pins. As you can see in the photo, when the rocket was entering the ground the sheer pin pushed the dirt in a way that represents Non Laminar Airflow.

I found this very interesting as the soft clear coat absorbed the dirt, initially I took the parts and gave them a bath to try to remove all the dirt that can be seen but it would not move. This is when I encoutered this weird occurance.


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I am finally starting to share my website.

Right now there is limited content as I find time to post new pictures and such.

So please keep coming back for more! I am a high power enthusiast and want to build extreme vehicles.


I have updated the flight vehicles. Next up is to input the flight reports. The logo is also currently being designed.

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