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To My Readers

Well my wedding and Honeymoon is all over. Being back to work and still working out the logistics of marriage the housing/etc it will be a little bit before I can build rockets again.

Falcon F9-R Engine Test

Well hello to all my readers, I have been really busy lately with my wedding this last week and I am currently on my honeymoon. I am typing from a hotel before I head to bed.

But I saw this video today and it really made my giggle like a little kid, the reliability of these engines still leave my stunned.

I am excited for the first launch of the F9-R, and am hoping for more test of the landing gear.

Completed Av-Bay

Well fortunately I got out of work early yesterday, so I had the chance to get all the holes finished on the g10. Then fitted the Ravens and switch, and the most important part the wiring.

So I got everything setup, then turned the switch to turn it on and nothing. Charged the battery, then again nothing. I determined the problem to be the screws I was using as terminals. I do believe they are black oxide which prevents the proper connection.

So I switched around a few screws and got everything to power up today. Then getting the zip ties with the proper tension to hold onto the all threads is really tricky.

After all of that I slid everything into the coupler, and turned the switch with success! As you can see in the first picture both Ravens are blinking the proper LED’s and the one that does beep was working perfectly.

The only thing left to do is clean up the wiring a bit, get it organized. Then it is ready to fly.


Well before my wedding day comes around I have spent a little bit of time on the Av-Bay for the Type II rocket.

As you can see in the picture down below, I am fitting two Raven 3 altimeters, one switch and one battery.

Type II

This friday will be a busy time, as I will be drilling all the holes I measured this last week.

I also plan on drilling the holes for the Sled for the AV-Bay. Then to wire the Av- Bay, with all of this done. I can then start the outside of the rocket, this includes sanding the previous clear coat on the bottom.

Getting it ready for Primer, and Paint.

I have a feeling the Primer and Paint will have to wait until after my marriage and honeymoon. Time is running out, and I have to shift my priorites to that.

Thanks for reading!

Type II Under Construction

Well today I pulled out my calipers and rulers. Its time to get all the correct holes drilled.

I am very cautious with the altimeter port’s I really want them to be as close to the middle of the Av Bay as possible and the correct size. So I am measuring 3 times and going to drill once.

The lower half of the rocket already has holes for the shear pins, and I will need to drill holes for the Plastic rivets.

Music Video In Space

This is for those who have not seen it yet, pretty interesting and amazing views for the ISS.


As promised, I added a Technique section with the shock cord attachment I will be using for the Type II rocket.

Also this last week I had time to get the bulk plates and all threads all cut and together. I also cut out the sled for the two Raven 3’s I will be using.

This Friday I am hoping to get the screw switches in the mail to finish the Av Bay.

It has been awhile

So again, I am full of excuses. Life has been really busy as I am finishing up school and planning a wedding.

I did finished the nosecone for the Type II rocket, I will also post a write up for how I did the shock cord attachment. Something not a lot of people are using.

I plan on working on the AV Bay on Friday as I finally have a day off with no work and school! Plus my box of supplies from McMaster-Carr is ariving today with more G10/Fr4. So hopefully  I will have the sled cutout and all the holes drilled. Then the only thing left is the vent holes and everything else for the rocket before paint.

Then Paint and more surprises. My wedding is June 7th I am hoping to finish it before then if I can juts sit down and have more then 20 minutes to do work it should be finished.

Pics to come!

Mysterious Tweet

I follow Elon Musk on Twitter to try to get as many updates about the Falcon platform as possible. The other day this was tweeted:


Anyone have any idea what this may be?