EggFinder LCD Case

The Black Aero 3D printed Receiver Case is intended to be used with the Eggfinder GPS LCD receiver. With this case comes everything you need to fly and safely recover your rockets!

When you purchase this 3D printed case you will received the following items:

  • The Handle, Lid and Housing
  • A rocker switch that snaps right into the case
  • A momentary switch used to switch between menu’s
  • Spacers to keep your electronics in top shape

Please note! You will need to keep the 4 screws provided with the Eggfinder GPS LCD Receiver package, to screw the lid into the housing.

This case is very rugged and has been used at several launches in the hot Arizona desert and in Black Rock Nevada. It is very easy to change the battery that is contained within the handle, all you have to do is unscrew two screws and then you are ready to unplug your battery! I would recommend using a LiPo to power your receiver and it has been found that this battery pack fits inside of the handle perfectly.